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The Diploma of Business (BSB50120) is offered by the Institute of Business Operations (Registered Training Organisation #45984) as an online course.

The course is designed to fit around your work schedule, and involves self-paced learning and group online sessions where you can share your experiences and learn from other students studying the Diploma of Business with you.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to prepare you to take your career to the next level.

The Diploma of Business will help to equip you with the knowledge to succeed in a business environment. As well as structured learning, you’ll be encouraged to undertake self-directed learning.

What will you Learn?

All students at the Institute of Business Operations study 12 units to be awarded the Diploma of Business. The first nine units of competency are the same for all students.

Students can then choose from two specialisations: Leadership or Operations.

Option 1: Leadership

Students who complete the Leadership electives will be awarded a Diploma of Business (Leadership):

Option 2: Operations

Students who complete the Operations electives will be awarded a Diploma of Business (Operations):

Diploma of Business

Learning Format

Once your enrolment has been accepted, you will be provided with reading materials and video lectures for your first subject. Before moving onto the next subject, you will need to be assessed on your competency. Assessment takes place during Training and Assessment periods, but will not take place during STUVAC. Please refer to the current training calendar for current training and assessment periods.

Lecture Recordings

As you gain access to each subject, you will be able to watch video recordings on the subject matter. Whilst they are not compulsory viewing, video lectures are designed to broaden your knowledge of the subject matter and help you better contextualise what you are learning. These recordings are available throughout the year, including during STUVAC periods.


You will gain access to a textbook (in electronic version) as you commence each subject. The textbook will be a key source of information and closely aligns to learning and assessment outcomes. Students are encouraged to read beyond their textbook to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the content.

Questions & Reflections Sessions

Questions and Reflections (Q&R) Sessions will be held every week during Training and Assessment periods. Please refer to the current training calendar for current training and assessment periods. Q&R Sessions give students the opportunity to discuss their learning and talk about their own experiences. This is a key aspect of contextualising what you learn in the Diploma of Business so that you can better apply your learning in the real world.

Student Forums

Students will have access to online forums where they can post questions and engage in online discussions with other students. The Student Forums are an excellent way for students to support each other and build their networks.

Diploma of Business

Entry Requirements

Whilst there are no training package requirements for entry into this course, the Institute of Business Operations course has been designed for those with

  • at least 12 months experience in a relevant role;* and
  • who are currently employed in a relevant role.

*Students who do not have 12 months experience in a relevant role are encouraged to apply, but may need to complete the course over a longer period. The acceptance of student enrolment into the Diploma of Business will be on a case-by-case basis.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

All prospective students of the Institute of Business Operations must be able to demonstrate the minimum Language, Literacy and Numeracy levels required to complete the course. This may be demonstrated in two ways:

  • Passing a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy assessment; or
  • Demonstration of Language, Literacy or Numeracy  levels by other means (such as the attainment of another qualification / degree deemed equivalent competence)

Students who do not meet the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements will not be enrolled in the Diploma of Business but may be recommended for alternative training.

We want to be sure that you enrol in a course that you can comfortably complete. During the enrolment process we will help you determine the right course for you, and if you need additional advice or guidance we will endeavour to assist where we can.

Diploma of Business

Study Committment

The Diploma of Business is an online course which is self paced. You will have a lot of flexibility to study and complete units at your own pace, and your completion coach will help you organise your study.

The study commitment will vary from person to person, and will be affected by past and current work experience. As a guide, you should allow between 15 and 24 hours per week. You can increase your time commitment to complete the course sooner, but you should be realistic about time frames.


During the Diploma of Business enrolment process, you will be given an individual training plan which will outline your recommended study timetable and your online attendance requirements.  It is important to recognise that although this course is wholly online, there may be elements within subjects that will require you to work with your student peers as part of the assessment. This will be facilitated and organised by your Trainer & Assessor.

In additional to any subject specific attendance requirements, we have weekly “Q&A” sessions and Subject Masterclasses to complement student learning and help students connect with their peers and Trainer & Assessor.

Diploma of Business

Required Learning Resources

As this is an online course, students will require access to a webcam enabled computer with an internet connection. Students should also have access to a quiet place to study.

  • Computer / Laptop
  • Webcam for video conferencing
  • Audio input / output for video / audio conferencing
  • Stable internet connection
  • Quiet place to study

Student Support

The Institute of Business Operations is an inclusive Registered Training Organisation and we will do everything we can to assist students with additional needs. Prior to finalisation of your enrolment in the Diploma of Business, you will be asked to complete a Learning, Literacy and Learning (LLN) Assessment to identify what additional needs you might have.

We will endeavour to support any students that require additional support through their study with the Institute of Business Operations.

Diploma of Business Information Session

23rd of October 2023

Join us online for an BSB50120 Diploma of Business Information Session. You’ll hear an overview from our CEO and Head Trainer, an have the opportunity to have your questions answered about the Diploma of Business program.

Course Information Summary

Qualification Level Diploma
Study Type Online
Next Course Start Date 6th of November 2023
Hours per Week 24
Duration 1 Year
Delivery Locations Online
Course Fees $1,200 (12 subjects at $100 each)
Course Features Nationally Recognised
Traineeship Allowed
Download Course Brochure
Congratulations on taking the next step in your career. Please fill out the following details and we'll send you a course brochure and enrolment pack.

Fee Details

For a limited time only the cost of the Diploma of Business at the Institute of Business Operations is $1,200 (12 subjects at $100 per subject).

VET-FEE help is not available to students of Institute of Business Operations, though be do have flexible payment options available.

Students are allowed to pay-as-you-go for individual units within the qualification, which can help spread out the payments over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Diploma of Business is Nationally Recognised Training that leads to a vocational qualification under the Australian Skills Framework.
Under the Australian Qualifications Framework, the Diploma of Business is an AQF Level 5 qualification. This means that it above a Certificate IV (which is AQF Level 4) in Business and below an Advanced Diploma (which is AQF Level 6).
The next Diploma of Business intake with the Institute of Business Operations is the 6th of November 2023.
There are nine specialisations in the Business Services Training Package: Business Operations; Leadership; Organisational Development; Compliance; Business Development; Digital and Data; Records and Information Management; Procurement; and Evaluations. The Institute of Business Operations offers two of the specialisations: Leadership and Operations.
Under the Australian Skills Framework, the next highest qualification after a Diploma (which is AQF 5) is an Advanced Diploma (which is AQF 6).
A Diploma of Business will typically take a year to complete, but that time may vary significantly depending on your experience, prior knowledge, time commitment and general learning capability.
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