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The Undertake Project Work (BSBPMG430) unit involves the development, administration, and evaluation of a project, which could be a stand-alone project or part of a larger one. It is intended for Diploma of Business students who play a significant role in ensuring that a project adheres to set parameters, such as timelines, quality standards, and budgetary limits.
The Learner Resource for this unit is divided into four elements, which are:

  1. Establish project parameters
  2. Develop a project plan
  3. Administer and monitor the project
  4. Finalize and review the project

After completing the training, you will be required to complete an assessment pack for this unit. Your supervisor, manager, or assessor will observe you as you perform project or workplace tasks, which will allow them to verify your competency or performance.

Upon successfully completing the assessment, you will have demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to develop a project plan, administer and monitor the project, finalize the project, and evaluate it to identify areas for improvement in future projects.

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