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The Manage Business Risk (BSBOPS504) unit covers the skills and knowledge required for Diploma of Business students to identify, assess, and manage business risks in various contexts within an organization or a specific business unit. This unit is relevant to individuals who hold authoritative positions and have the power to implement changes across the organization, business unit, program or project area, regardless of whether or not they directly supervise others.

This Learner Resource is comprised of four elements, which are:

  1. Establishing the context for risk management
  2. Identifying risks
  3. Analyzing risks
  4. Selecting and implementing treatments to manage risks

After completing this training, you will be required to undertake an assessment pack for this unit of competency. You will need to access a supervisor, manager, or assessor who can observe your performance of project or workplace tasks and verify your competency.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage business risks.

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