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The Lead Communication in the Workplace (BSBXCM501) unit focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for Diploma of Business students to lead effective communication in the workplace across all industries. Successful implementation of these skills would enable the development of an efficient and effective flow of information amongst both internal and external stakeholders.

This unit specifically emphasizes the communication skills required for team leaders who have the responsibility of managing other workers.

This Learner Resource is divided into four elements:

    1. Establishing communication protocols
    2. Coordinating effective communication
    3. Presenting and negotiating persuasively
    4. Reviewing communication practices

Upon completing the training, you will be required to undertake an assessment pack for this unit of competency.

You will need to perform project or workplace tasks under the observation of a manager, supervisor, or assessor who will verify your competency and performance.

Successful completion of the assessment demonstrates that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively lead communication in the workplace across all industries.

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