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The Manage Organisational Finances (BSBFIN601) unit helps Diploma of Business students develop the necessary skills and knowledge for budgeting, financial forecasting, and reporting in an organisation. It also covers the ability to allocate and manage resources to attain the desired business unit outputs.

This unit targets individuals who have managerial responsibilities, which include overseeing the management of financial and other resources across a business unit, a series of business units or teams, or an organisation. It involves all aspects of financial management at a high level, with financial management specialists in larger organisations providing support.

This Learner Resource is categorised into three parts, namely:

  1. Prepare for financial management
  2. Establish budgets and allocate funds
  3. Report on finances

At the conclusion of this training, you will be asked to finish an assessment pack for this unit of competency. To validate your skills and expertise, you will require access to a supervisor, a manager, or an assessor who can observe you executing project or workplace tasks.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you must have displayed the necessary skills and knowledge to manage organisational finances effectively.

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