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The Develop Workplace Policies and Procedures for Sustainability (BSBSUS511) unit focuses on developing workplace policy and procedures for sustainability, involves acquiring the necessary expertise for Diploma of Business students to create and enforce policies that promote sustainability in the workplace and make necessary modifications to adapt to changing circumstances.

This unit is intended for those in managerial positions who are responsible for creating, monitoring, and improving policies and strategies in the workplace, and who collaborate with various stakeholders and experts.

The learner resource for this unit is divided into three components, namely, preparing workplace sustainability policies, implementing them, and reviewing their implementation.

Upon finishing the training, you will be required to complete an assessment pack for this unit, and the information contained in this resource will assist you in completing the task. By demonstrating your ability to prepare, implement, and review workplace sustainability policies and procedures through successful completion of the assessment, you will have met the competency requirements for this unit.

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