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Assist with Maintaining Workplace Safety (BSBWHS311) focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for Certificate III in Business students to support the implementation and monitoring of work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures, and programs within a small work team. It applies to individuals who play a role in helping to maintain workplace safety within an organization. These individuals closely oversee aspects of work related to the safe delivery of products and services and contribute to shaping safety practices in the workplace.\
The Learner Resource for this unit is divided into four elements:

  1. Assisting with integrating WHS policies and procedures into work team processes
  2. Contributing to consultative arrangements for WHS management
  3. Contributing to organizational procedures for providing WHS training
  4. Participating in hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control for the work area

Upon completing the training, you will be required to undertake an assessment pack for this competency unit. To assess your competence or performance, you will need the support of a supervisor, manager, or assessor who can observe your execution of project or workplace tasks and verify your competency. Successful completion of the assessment indicates that you have demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to assist with maintaining workplace safety.

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